Initial Consultation and the Web Design and Development Process

After the quote and costs have been negotiated, an initial consultation takes place where the branding and objectives of your business or organisation are further identified. This is followed by a review of the products, services, information or resources you have to offer your clients.
Throughout this consultation, technical information, marketing strategies and professional web development concepts will be discussed.

The Graphic Design elements for the website template are discussed and the general website requirements are outlined. DavPat Designs will then proceed with developing the graphic design template for the website.

Contract Process

On approval of the graphic design template, a contract is negotiated to outline requirements and payment options. The graphic design template and contract are signed off upon and on receiving first payment, the development process commences. DavPat Designs is flexible and will meet individual situations and requirements that best suit your business or organisation.

Development Process

The development process involves creating the template based on the approved graphic design, creating the web pages and adding the content to the pages. Two or three more consultations (negotiated in contract) may take place throughout this stage to discuss specific elements of the website content and to review the process.