Email Marketing is undoubtedly one of the major communication success stories of the internet today for both business and non-profit organisations.

Crucial to an email marketing campaign is the collection of email addresses through newsletter subscriptions, on-line survey forms, give away subscriptions or member log in areas. Contact DavPat Designs to discuss and advise which options may best suit your individual business or organisational needs.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Builds relationships with your clients
  • Creates direct sales
  • Is much cheaper than most forms of communication
  • Enables delivery of messages direct to your audience (a website waits for customers to come in)
  • Delivery is instant
  • Everybody uses email
  • Environmentally friendly, email is paper-free

DavPat Designs Email Marketing Solutions:

  • Email Newsletters – html and text
  • Email invitations
  • Members log in
  • On-line surveys